INTERSTATE 5 | On the road to Sacramento

Our drive from Chino Hills to my sister’s place in Elk Grove near Sacramento is the longest ride we’ve done at this point and it proved to be both one of the loveliest and the ugliest rides thus far. The 210 highway before reaching I-5 was through beautiful hilly/mountainous terrain and it was a real pleasure to witness the road weaving in and out of the landscape. The hills were a nice combination of arid and green, in sharp contrast with the blue skies that kept us company all throughout. On the other hand, once we reached the plateaus of the interstate, it was quite disappointing to see vast, uninterrupted flatness that barely had signs of activity – much like what I would imagine driving through purgatory is like. For 4 straight hours with no stops – we weren’t that sturdy though so we made at least one full stop along the way near Bakersfield – it would have been depressingly interminable.


Being in the cocoon of our air conditioned SUV was a blessing and the thought of having to stop for whatever reason along that highway would have been a scene from Terminator or any zombie apocalypse movie. I’ll be the first to admit my hazy memory is causing this exaggerated depiction but if I ever had to take that part of the Interstate again – even if 5 is my favorite number – it would have to be in another 10 years.

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