USA EATS | IHOP As Quintessential American Cuisine

Rating: 4 out of 5.
I’ve been having a field day going through my list of middle class American eats but it’s clear my waistline is suffering for it. Thanks to TGI Friday, Denny’s, In-N-Out, IHOP, Filipino food, and Korean buffet just last night, it’s about time to step back (and forth and back and forth, with some jumpy jack push-ups in between) and take the meal less traveled – or just less period. I’m pretty lucky that I can skip a meal (or eat a partial meal) and lose weight – not as easily as a few years ago but still – and very conscious of getting a dad bod that  I’m almost sure I can keep myself reasonably slim. With life too short it’s just so damn hard to resist though.

3 thoughts on “USA EATS | IHOP As Quintessential American Cuisine

  1. My God! That looks like some seroious delicious artery blocking food! And the size of those hamburgers…wish we had restaurants like that in Holland. Great to see that your enjoying yourself!


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