Rating: 5 out of 5.
No qualms about it, I’m here because of La La Land.
In the many times I’ve made trips to Los Angeles it never occurred to me at all to make the trek to Griffith Park having known little to nothing about it. It just wasn’t a big thing in my family back then. Or even now I suppose.
After falling for the charms of a movie musical that I likewise knew little about – I was actually surprised to find out there was singing in the film, deciding to only see it after reading all the acclaim and praise it was getting – seeing it on this trip was a given despite the little time allowed us. Thanks to jet lag we woke up before dawn again this morning and drove the 40 miles from Chino Hills, a drive that for most Europeans would be too much but nothing special for Californians. LA’s notorious traffic wasn’t awake yet when we made our unimpeded way along 71 North to 10 West, arriving in Griffith Park greeted with wonderfully free and plentiful parking, and non-existent crowds. The skies could have been more cooperative but it wasn’t raining and that was enough for me to relish a fine moment and gorgeous views from our new vantage point. The city of stars was looking gray this morning but I’m sure another day of sunshine is bound to come back another’s time.

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