Ouwehands Dierenpark | Rhenen

Me – “Hey, they have a zoo here?”
Teko – “Yeah, I heard it’s one of the best in the country…and the oldest”

That was good enough for me so off we went to the zoo today. True enough, coupled with a perfect, cloud-free day, and despite the hefty prices for the entrance, parking, and meals, it was a memorable time spent with God’s other creatures in the most unlikely of places and one I’d only heard of today – Rhenen, in the province of Utrecht.


Walking around the small but jampacked zoo, I just had to share with Teko how envious I was of the kids running around enjoying themselves. It was one of those situations when I found myself thinking of my childhood and how few options there were for these kinds of activities. It really does build a child’s character and deeply enriches experience to be in an environment with so much stimulation and chances for learning. Growing up I can’t recall ever going to the one and only zoo in Manila – with the pictures I’ve seen lately I feel more fortunate not to – but if I had, this pachydermlike chip on my shoulder might just be a tad less of a burden.

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