BURG ELTZ | Wierschem

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The weather was perfect today, much much better than yesterday, and a great complement to one of the better looking medieval castles I’ve seen in a while. A sunny day really does make a world of difference.
I heaved a sigh of relief and excitement once I saw the sign showing we’d arrived in Wierschem, a place I never guessed would be a striking and dramatic setting for a real, 850-year old, privately-owned 90-room house slash castle hidden from sight by lush mountains and that sits on a rocky outcrop flanked by a slow-moving river. Really the essence of fairytales and what I’d imagined when thinking of Europe and longed to see before I settled in Holland 9 years ago. What made our visit even better was that while it was popular, it wasn’t overrun with tourists, and the ones who were there were perfectly behaved, children included. After taking in the drama from the entrance all the way to the impressive courtyard, and going through the tour of the private rooms inside, a typical German lunch along the castle walls, with enviable views of the surrounding hillside, on a sunny, April spring Sunday was impossible to beat. The 4-hour trip to get here was certainly worth it.


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