Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

So we got lost this morning. After a leisurely, surprisingly decent breakfast at our 3-star hotel, Teko set the GPS navigator to a castle in a place I’d never heard of somewhere an hour northeast from Trier. As luck would have it the navigator suddenly went schizophrenic and started pointing us to roads that didn’t exist, causing Teko’s increasingly frequent temper to flare up again and us to make a sudden stop at a semi-dirt shoulder at the edge of a forest turned instant toilet stop. After getting a second opinion from google, we were off on a course through some beautiful Mosel countryside filled with hills, vineyards, calm rivers, and scenic overviews courtesy of Germany’s dramatic over-valley bridges – until we sighted what looked like a castle on a steep hill, which turned out to be the pretty town of Cochem. Wondering whether we should stop and look around, I wasn’t sure we would have enough time to do two castles in one day plus the 4 hours we needed to get back home, I opted we drive past picture perfect Cochem and go straight to our original destination. So all I have to show for our quick non-visit were a few shots of the town. There’s so much to see in the Eifel region I hope to make it back soon – and with more time to spare, especially for surprises such as Cochem.



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