Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was one of those rare, beautiful, Sunday spring mornings, I was just about to finish another great episode of The Good Fight – they have to do something about that intro though – and planned on blissfully doing nothing other than binge on TV, movies and Facebook. But even the best of plans take a backseat as we were off on another spontaneous road trip – this time I had no idea where to, and all I knew was that we were headed south. Farther south than I realized.

After about an hour of driving I dozed off and woke up in the vicinity of Antwerp. Our destination though was even farther, what Teko described, jokingly I think, as Belgium’s fourth most beautiful city. In Mechelen’s defense I have to say Belgium has a lot of picture-perfect city centers so being fourth in a long list is still hard to beat. After parking close to the historic center, free on Sundays which was a nice touch, grabbing a sunny alfresco lunch, the first of hopefully many this year, and walking around the well-maintained cobblestones and past enviable historic buildings I have to say that Mechelen can certainly give those other three a run for their money.


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