IKEA | Hemnes In The House

Behold our new acquisition.
Despite my ultra-conscious aversion to this most famous Swedish brand it seems we can never break free from the clutches of IKEA. After toiling over the finely-detailed instruction manual over the course of 6 hours, after soreness and bruising plus the recurrence of my bum knee that twice dislocated after bending it the wrong way, we now have another piece added to our evolving semi-suburban living. It may have cost only €189,00 at the store but after the trouble of bringing it back home, disassembling, time and effort, it may well have cost over €1800,00. I think the concept behind stores like IKEA is successful not only because it gives the impression that the furniture is affordable but also because of the sweat equity and feeling of accomplishment that consequently comes with it. And when I say detailed instructions I wasn’t kidding – those tiny diagram holes are some kind of Swedish IQ test and absolutely spot on. Now if they only labeled the damn pieces better – would be good to see whether the piece was meant to be facing inside or out – I could have had a couple of hours more to enjoy this beautiful, sunny Sunday.


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