We’ve officially reached another level of window-shopping.
In one of my aimless online searches for stuff around the house – we have yet to find anything to fill our ever-so-white-and-plain-walls, a living room table to replace our faux-zen IKEA contraption, and a decent “it has to be square” dining table, as a few examples – I chanced on a website that had sold semi-reasonable, meaning just a bit below unaffordable, options but with one glaring disadvantage. The warehouse store was huge with rooms upon rooms of everything – Scandinavian, modern, classic, etc – only it was 180 kilometers away in Belgium! It was just below Antwerp, which we’d gone to previously just to see another furniture store about 4 months ago, and with less than ideal weather to do anything else Teko said maybe we should go see it in person. So off we went this morning and got there two hours later.


It turned out to be a good visit as there were some things we agreed on and some we really didn’t need and agreed we can think about for later. Why oh why is it that the stuff we like is all the way in another country?


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