SEASONS | Amsterdam

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

On my fourth dental appointment this year – yes, fourth, and it’s not even been two months – the only time available was on a Thursday at half past seven in the evening — not the most convenient time to be sure. I finagled my way successfully into getting Teko to come with me and all it took was the promise of dinner near the dental office, which thankfully was in a really nice and typically Amsterdam-ish part of the city. The dental office was along the Keizersgracht only one block away from the Anne Frank house so it was in a beautiful neighborhood – so attractive in fact that I would have given both kidneys to live in it at one point. We parked two blocks away and while walking past cobblestoned roads and bridges we settled on a restaurant along the Herenstraat that I’d heard of a long time ago and now found the chance to enjoy.
There was only one other table occupied when we sat down, something which we both relished, though the other table was a couple of fairly loud American women, tourists I imagined. The waitstaff spoke mainly English, which I found interesting and something I was sure would peeve Teko but he said nothing so it was still smooth sailing as we looked over the menu. I mistakenly thought the cuisine was Indonesian so was a bit disappointed that it was a mishmash of continental dishes, and though I’m on a mission to improve my Dutch, despite the international staff, the whole experience was nice, cozy, and in the end well worth repeating. Who knew a dentist visit would be like this — I may start looking forward to the next one.


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