CHRISTMAS LUNCH | Restaurant Sphere

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This marks the second time I’ve gone up Europe’s tallest restaurant, the first time eight years ago as our one and only splurge on my first trip to Berlin. I’m sure I have a picture of it somewhere on Facebook, I remember feeling so unsure of the future as I had yet to find a job at the time. That picture, grainy and dark that it was, is one of many reminders of that low period in my life, and the only reason I could afford to be there was because of the generosity of someone who I’d met just a few months before. Against many odds, that person is still in my life and together we revisited the Fernsehturm as a way to celebrate Christmas Day, this time for lunch. It brought back many memories, which luckily were all quite positive – Teko swears I had a piece of schwarzwalder for dessert, something I don’t recall at all. The view at the top wasn’t the best because of the rain clouds that have plagued us since we arrived in Berlin but as it was a revolving restaurant, all we needed to do was stay in our seats for the one hour it took to make a complete 360 of the entire city. As it was eight years ago, it was a unique experience – it isn’t just any restaurant that can offer a windowside view of a city 200 meters high up – that left more precious memories of our stay and a great trip down memory lane.


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