Rating: 4 out of 5.

By many accounts Christmas Eve dinner this year was a better experience than the last two – last year being completely forgettable and the year before that bordering on disaster as Teko and I were on different wavelengths the entire time. This time we both seemed to be having a good time and more in touch with the occasion; frivolities, formalities and all, that I was more relaxed – two glasses of champagne tend to do that – and playful with the idea surrounding the reasons we were there. I was also glad that the entire production lasted less than two hours, which was an improvement from a fairly recent anniversary dinner that went almost four hours. The food was pretty good though the choices limited to the special menu, the service was decent and friendly as expected, and the setting was the ground floor restaurant facing Unter den Linden Avenue and the Brandenburg Gate so  it could hardly have been better. I’d say the dinner was a success until the bill came and put a dampener on the evening — €20 for a glass of champagne and €8 for a coke seemed a tad overkill so much so that we’ll have to watch ourselves for the next couple of days we’re still here. Since I can’t charge it to Santa, I’d have to charge it to experience I suppose.
Merry Christmas from Berlin!🎁


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