Rating: 4 out of 5.

Trying to find good restaurants is an often tricky proposition. TripAdvisor can be unreliable especially in large cities though because of how much content it has it’s usually my first point of reference. I try to look at newspaper write-ups, which I think are less likely to be paid pieces from restauranteurs and tend to gravitate toward the ones from the U.K. One place that regularly popped up in my search was L&W and with a little perseverance – our first try, when the doors were opened at 11 a.m. even though the kitchen wasn’t completely ready, was literally premature – we made it there for dinner last night. We were there a few minutes past 6 and rewarded with a corner window seat, quite private and comfy, with a good view of the whole establishment. After a rough start and a heavy feeling of exhaustion, I warmed up to our waitress whom I thought was a bit brusque and whose level of service was more appropriate for a highway diner. Teko and I both chose one of their classic dishes, the schnitzel, which was so huge I barely finished mine, though that didn’t mean there was no room for dessert, another classic, the strudel. All in all Lutter & Wegner turned out to be, with thanks to I think The Telegraph and Condé Nast, a great decision that if given another opportunity I’d go back and try their other dishes. The blood sausage may be worth it as well.


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