AAN DE LINDE | Valkenburg

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Another Sunday yields another spontaneous road trip.

Less than half an hour after waking up this morning, we were on the road for a two-hour trip south to Limburg, to the Christmas markets of Valkenburg, a town I’d read and heard about in many mythical occasions. We arrived in perfect time for lunch and without telling Teko, we zeroed in on a restaurant I’d found while on our way there. Aan de Linde didn’t appear to be anything special but it was number one on TripAdvisor and, with no other relatively reliable resource, I knew I wanted us to stop by and enjoy the best of Valkenburg dining. Sort of.


I’ve come to expect the worst of local dining – crowded tables, indifferent staff, super slow service – the trifecta of Dutch restaurants. There have been many times I’d shared this experience with Teko and it always left us in a worse mood than coming in. Gladly this wasn’t the case with our first and possibly only time in Valkenberg, where we got seated immediately in a relatively quiet, window-side table, the service fastfood quick, and the food more than respectable. I was able to enjoy a nicely chilled, sweet white wine with my special pasta of the week, and even got to taste a little of Teko’s house burger, all quite satisfying and a wonderful start to the fortifying task of Christmas market shopping.

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