Rating: 4 out of 5.

Inspite the freezing weather – it was 1 degree Celsius outside our warm and comfy flat – Teko suggested we go take a drive to either Texel or Antwerp this morning. Not one to reject a road trip I mulled over it for only a second before saying yes. Either option was attractive but also couldn’t have been any more different from each other. Texel is an isolated island perfect for nature-tripping and languorously whiling away time in relative solitude while Antwerp is a busy and popular city where we could easily get in trouble, especially this close to Christmas shopping season. It took a bit to decide where to go but the final decision was skewed by the mention of a certain furniture store that was the lone candidate for having the best replacement sofa that both of us liked and incidentally had as its closest branch in Belgium. And so Antwerp it was.

We ended up spending maybe half an hour looking at home stuff at Habitat, even less time walking through the old market square where the Dutch Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, was eagerly anticipated by a crowd of parents and pre-teens, before stopping at a grand cafe for late lunch then driving back home. It was a short trip but for me quite well worth it.


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