BRUNCH | Another Bakers & Roasters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I had the fortune again of not only enjoying a delicious brunch at Bakers and Roasters this morning but also having the motivation to go at all – with no small help from Teko who was kind enough to drop me off – as well as having the company of someone I like and slowly have gotten to know better over the past year. Since there are two branches to choose from, I opted to go to the other that was walking distance from Nemo Science museum, which was offering free entry on this first Sunday of the month. It may have been because it was Sunday but this other location is in a less hectic area than the first one I went to and so more relaxing to be in, though it was also visibly smaller and quite sadly with less dessert options. The food however was just as satisfying and at the end of our meal filled me in all the right places. I have to say, it does beat Greenwoods in the menu department, plus they serve brunch cocktails, which can be almost mandatory in a lot of circumstances. My now number one brunch choice is a welcome option in Amsterdam town’s very limited dining landscape, and will surely see more of me in the future.

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