Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Let’s go to the Kroller Muller Museum! That was enough to perk up my Sunday morning and wash away any doubts about another sunny, unproductive day at home. Today started off beautifully and brightly as I thought about how nice my trip to Maastricht was yesterday, plopped on the living room sofa aimlessly surfing online, with the washing machine meanwhile going on in the background. Except for a couple of loads of laundry I didn’t foresee anything at all exciting in the horizon until Teko came out of his study with those exuberant words.l, and only a few minutes later we were out the door. It was brisk outside that my gray hoodie barely kept me warm, good thing we were going to be indoors – that was the plan at least. Turns out the museum trip was faster than you can say Van Gogh so rather than trek back home so soon, endless rows of free-to-rent bikes were outside waiting for us. We heeded the call of the winding bike trail.


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