Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

My visiting long-time friend from a life long ago, Joel, mentioned that he wanted to go to Belgium – Brussels in particular – so as to see more during his grand tour of Europe and coincidentally spend time with another friend who used to be based in SE Asia. Unexpectedly, Teko warmed up to the idea, even going to the point of suggesting we see one or two other points along the 2.5 hour road trip. Knowing all too well this was starting to border on the delusional, I made it my mission to just make sure the plan stayed on point, simple, practical, and above all realistic. The drive was uneventful thanks to our in-car nav and when we reached our rendezvous point in the iffy-looking Marolles neighborhood, the most complicated part was trying to find a place for a decent brunch. We were blessed for the most part with good weather that day, and despite walking through a messed up Grand Place – what was up with that, Belgium? – and seeing a laughable and sartorially-challenged Mannekin Pis – it was dressed so ugly I didn’t bother taking a picture for posterity – the trip turned out to be a nice albeit long diversion for a usually lazy Sunday. 


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