Rating: 3 out of 5.

We had a sudden day for ourselves as our guest, Joel, had a full day of meeting up with friends from far and wide who all seemed to have converged in and around Amsterdam as he has, and with such a beautiful day outside it would have been a waste to do nothing. After my partner came back from the gym to find me binge-watching Downton Abbey – sad and true – he suggested we step out and go to the beach. So off we went.


I’d been to the North Sea dozens of times but never to Castricum aan Zee and while it was nice and unusually warm for the season, to be honest the crowd and atmosphere were a little too New Jersey for me. We took a one minute stroll on the boardwalk, slipped into one of the restaurants and had a quick snack before venturing back to the big city. Scratch off Castricum aan Zee from the list.

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