It was beautiful a day to go sailing today, which is exactly what we did. For mid-September it was unusually warm and sunny and luckily it was the right weekend to get invited to float along with Teko’s dad on the Haringvliet near Rotterdam. The docks were still quiet when I got there but soon enough it was getting crowded as we waited by the dike out to the open waters. It amazes me still how many boat owners are in this country as this pastime surely can’t be cheap. We motored out to Stellendam, as the foresail didnt want to cooperate, for some fresher than fresh baked cod and calamari amidst some redneck-looking dutchies, before eventually sailing back to Hellevoetsluis harbor. After watching sailing boats come and go from my window at work, I finally made it on one this summer and it was lovely. It was a pleasant way to spend the waning summer days of 2016.



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