Jumping Off The Cliffs Of Moher

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Today’s agenda was mainly a roadtrip from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher- a 2-hour trip that felt like one of the longest rides I’d ever taken.

Much like being stuck on top of a Ferris wheel that quit operating midway, I was pretty much a helpless prisoner in, admittedly self-imposed, solitary confinement for the entire trip. Being a third wheel where any attempt to engage in conversation is not returned or not being able to relate to what’s being discussed is one of the loneliest feelings there is and with no option to leave I was captive to the situation that if I were more successful in life I could at least preempt or avoid. Sadly being in such situations is I feel going to occur more and more that I may just want to kill myself by jumping off a cliff. Hopefully this purportedly most beautiful day of the year in Ireland so far is enough to make me rethink that.


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