Rating: 5 out of 5.

The ‘w’ is silent I think.

Despite being proficient in English, I am having a darned time trying to understand the Scottish accent for even the simplest things. Asked at Starbucks this morning if we were sitting in or eating out I had to ask our order taker to say it again. Same with our tour driver, who was quite the chatty Cathy, when he was explaining how the tour would go – I may have gotten just every second word from what he said. So when I listened carefully how the castle we were going to see this morning was called I’m almost sure he didn’t pronounce the w.


As I belatedly discovered, Alnwick castle is located not in Scotland but rather back in England, Northumberland to be exact, and surprisingly played a bigger part than I realized in the Harry Potter movies. After taking part in the film tour I was very tempted to go see the first two movies again if only to see the castle in it, which will have to wait another time as wasting 6 hours away can be taxing while on vacation.

It was pretty cool being there and seeing where certain scenes were filmed – the Potterhead lying dormant inside me was surely giddy from discovery. If only broomsticks could really fly, a game of Quidditch would have been perfect today.


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