THE ROYAL MILE | Edinburgh

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The threat of clouds was constant yesterday but there was still enough sun to inspire us to venture into Edinburgh’s old town. The walk from the hotel was quick and after strolling past the Balmoral Hotel over the bridge across the river we were already deep into the medieval parts of the city. They really did a good job of keeping everything tourist-ready even making a large section of the road pedestrian-only. This made wandering so much more stess-free that it was a joy to walk around and absorb the energy. I’ve yet to have a negative encounter with any service staff so far and that’s a relief – from the taxi drivers to waitresses to bartenders, all were professional and willing to help. There are many layers I think to this city that 3 days’ stay would be a challenge to cover but if ever there was a good reason to come back it would be to keep enjoying something new – or medieval – each day.



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