Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

There’s an honest-to-goodness medieval castle dominating Edinburgh’s skyline and the weather forecast pretty much dictated we see it today. In contrast with yesterday’s mostly sunny weather, today was a total wash, literally. After breakfast at the hotel, we cabbed it to as close as possible to the castle entrance on the Royal Mile and made our way to get tickets along with most of the day’s tourists. After an extended wait, we got in just as rain was starting to fall. It was mainly a moist, dewy morning.

The castle could easily have covered a leisurely half day and if it didn’t rain that’s what most likely would have happened. The views from up there were beautiful and there was so much history to see. I even got to try Scottish black pudding, which I think is made from pig’s blood and tasted quite similar to embotido. It was pretty good.


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