CALTON HILL | Edinburgh

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We flew into Scotland’s capital yesterday for the very first time and if first impressions count – which they normally do – I really liked it. I’ve always been fascinated by medieval towns so to have an entire medieval city to discover is just like wonderland. The ride from the airport to town is for me pretty much a good gauge of a great city and in contrast with what is usual, this one didn’t disappoint at all. With cities like Rome, London, and Paris where the views when coming from airport are absolutely deflating, Edinburgh pretty much kept the character of the country with a good mix of urban and rural. There were a lot of dramatic architecture along the way and more so when we hit the more built up areas of the center. Calton Hill was right next to our hotel and despite being there at the wrong time of day – better to go there at sunrise – it still gave us the best view of the skyline that rivals a lot of other major cities. We’ve been here less than 24 hours but I’ve already got a soft spot for the land of the Scots and hope I have enough time to see more.



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