Goodbye London

For a leisurely trip, it’s been the least touristy visit to London I’ve ever done, perhaps expectedly since I’ve been here multiple times over the years. Apart from our plane’s descent into Heathrow when I saw Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and all other recognizable landmarks – yes it was that clear of a day – Notting Hill was the only area we really made an effort to visit and successfully I might add. The rest of the three days in town were pretty much spent on shopping – window shopping in my case – and going to the theatres to binge on musicals. It’s always been a pleasure to visit though like New York and Paris I’m quite sure I wouldn’t want to live here. Smaller cities are definitely my thing and Amsterdam, as long as it can give me something to do, will be it indefinitely.

After a light breakfast, Anthony and I picked up 18 pounds of fresh laundry, after which we packed and went off in luxury by hiring a cab back to Heathrow. Off to the next adventure.


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