Rating: 5 out of 5.

Saw our first of three shows on this trip last night and it was on a veritable magic carpet ride.

There’s surely people out there who consider a male person of a certain age who still has an affiliation with Walt Disney to be immature but really, wtfc – life’s too short for negative Nellies. For entertainment value the show gave lots of moments that made it worthwhile, one the forementioned Whole New World number that left me with goosebumps and still scratching my head how they pulled it off, and the show-stealing Genie character with his Friend Like Me spectacular – to call it a number would be a disservice. The Jasmine character looked awfully like another theatre actress who’s Filipino that I believed it for a second, and the title character had the right voice for the part, but his performance lacked some oomph in the end. I totally expected the Genie to be the last one at curtain call since he absolutely carried the scene each time he was on stage but the show title is Aladdin so that wasn’t the case. It was a great show made even greater by the fact we could leave the theatre through a sidedoor in 3 seconds and be back at the hotel and relax after a long day in just a couple of minutes. Loved it. Two more shows tomorrow!



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