CAVIAR AND VODKA | Four Seasons Saint Petersburg

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When in Russia, do as the 1% do.

For our final hurrah in the hotel and in St Petersburg, we did what we talked about doing when we were still planning our trip and that was to have a meal with caviar and vodka. Not wanting to go farther than our hotel, the only place open for such an option was the Tea Lounge that we’ve come to know so well. For first timers the options were too many to consider and to play it safe we opted for the caviar sampling menu that had beluga, salmon, and osetra, and also a sampling of Tsarkoe Selo vodka. When it was finally served on our table, quite dramatically on a carved block of ice, thankfully it came along with some basic instructions where I learned one important thing – it doesn’t matter if you approach it right or not so long as you enjoy the experience. Such words were said by so many others before me and could not have been truer nor more relevant than then. The vodka was frozen as it should have been and was silky smooth going down, and I found out that beluga was the goldilocks of the three –  not too mushy, appealing, and goes well with my palate. It was yet another enriching experience among life’s many fleeting moments.



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