DUTCH HOUSES | Kasteel Brederode

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Even with the prevalence of castles in this part of the world it isn’t everyday that I get to bump into one in the middle of nowhere.

Driving to our destination for this morning, a train disruption made our ride more exciting by diverting our route past the usual farm grounds, grazing animals, and natural forests. Once we rounded a tree-covered turn, as if by magic the medieval ruins of Kasteel Brederode came into view and like a siren call willed us to stop by. The parking lot of one by the roadway entrance was there as if waiting for us along with a sign warning us to enter at our own risk. As I always say life is short, at the risk of tempting fate off we went to see the castle…and maybe even a Beast or two.

There were no Beasts this time, only a kindly caretaker who apparently spent last night sleeping  in one of the barely insulated rooms, and the simple but impressive castle grounds that somewhat mask a deep love and care for heritage. The castle was a pleasant surprise for day 2 of our holiday.


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