It’s easy to take for granted, since I’ve been on dozens of plane rides in my life, but I’m glad I still feel a sense of wonder at what I see outside my window at 35,000 feet up. So long as I’m sitting ahead of the wing and have a relatively scratch-free window (KLM, I think you need to do something about equipment maintenance), bladder be damned I will always prefer to sit by a window so I can see the world literally go by. This time around I’m privileged to see a striking horizon of blue and white as I gaze out, a sight that only a hundred years ago would have been only for the extremely wealthy or adventurous but is now par for the course in these cynical times. We may have gotten smarter but only at the risk of being more blasé.
It’s a continuing struggle for me I have to say, to always see the world through different lenses but I hope it isn’t a lost battle in the end.



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