Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I’ve been told and often read that the Dutch word gezellig was untranslatable, which for a while I accepted albeit hesitatingly. I’ve recently come to accept that, as a concept, it’s best defined as ‘blissfully cozy’ and Theetuin Overleek was one of its best examples. I chanced on it by accident during one of my aimless online surfing weekends, brought it up with my partner, and several weeks later found ourselves there for lunch today. The one lane, winding, bicycle and pedestrian-occupied road we took to get there was a clear sign we weren’t in Kansas anymore, though the cows, horses, and farms along the way could have indicated otherwise. After lucking out and getting rockstar parking, we walked into a mini-version of what could be the Dutch Martha’s Vineyard. Or maybe Rehoboth Beach. In any case WASPs were all I could think of when I was there and I felt like an interloper waiting to be told they needed their car cleaned before handing me their keys. I kept a low profile and sat quietly in a corner simply enjoying the view, the sun, and the simple, straightforward menu that told me this wasn’t a place to eat as it was to laze an afternoon away. If only we could as the thought was really tempting – that’ll have to wait another opportune time.



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