My Sky Garden

A new trellis here, 12 Euros of new plants there, and my sky garden is getting to that enviable position of being my own personal nirvana. Whether or not its a sign of slowly creeping seniority I find myself soothed simply by staring at my plants, as if expecting them to grow visibly in front of my eyes and given my often vivid imagination, to tell me what else I can do better. Seeing new buds sprout and leaves grow larger over time culminating with the opening of beautiful spring-summer blooms have this inexplicably rewarding experience that maybe comes from seeing all the hard work of constant watering, trimming, and potting reap benefit – back pain and leg cramps notwithstanding. While not likely I do have a passionfruit plant that’s grown as if on steroids, giving me a short-lived flower after short-lived flower after only a few months and that I’m hoping will go to the next level. I can only hope all the effort so far will figuratively – and even literally – bear fruit.


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