Eemlust | Baarn

A beautiful, sunny, spontaneous, school night dinner happened last night and it made me sheepish. We drove after work all the way to far-off Baarn to try our luck at a restaurant I discovered during one of my routeless weekends at home. The pictures I saw then looked dreamy and the food appeared accessible – I’ve weaned off from artsy Michelin-type dinners for a while – so much so that I blurted out a few nights ago that we should go there sometime soon. As we drove the nearly 40 kilometer distance from my office, I suddenly felt pangs of guilt and anxiety for doing something so ridiculously carefree – because surely there had to be a karmic price to pay, as it always does. We arrived to a busy gravel parking lot in a quiet, green corner just off of the Eem river, and I could instantly feel the luxurious calmness of it all. The next two hours were a bit too much for a Thursday night dinner – with moments of familiar silence punctuated by fallback glances on Facebook – but overall the service was decent, the atmosphere cautiously inviting albeit slightly intimidating, and the food presentably satisfying. Maybe we can try it again soon 😉.



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