Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you for a beautiful start to May, it could not have been any better.

The first Sunday of the month started earlier than usual with a walk in the park, past joggers and bikers, along pebbled paths and canals fronting stately millionaires’ homes. In the rarefied environs of Vondelpark, a place I wouldn’t mind calling home wallet permitting, it seemed to me a happy place where everyone is content and time whiles away quickly. And God bless mother nature, it was just the right amount of cold, a light jacket kind of cold – there was barely a wind and the sun was hanging all alone in the cloudless sky. Like fanboys, we were the first in line to Vondeltuin waiting for the gates to open so we could grab some breakfast. Once they did, we leisurely flitted from one table to the next trying to find our perfect spot before finally settling on table 604. I sat with the sun to my back, enjoyed a cup of good coffee and a hearty uitsmijter, thinking how lucky I was to have been there.



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