Uninspiring Groningen

After wondering endlessly – years and years as a matter of fact – what Groningen could offer I finally found out for myself today. After asking more than a handful of times whether it was worth going to Groningen, each answer was the same. After driving almost two hours and 190 kilometers, through rain, hail, wind, and sun, my partner-in-crime and I arrived in a calm, Dutch city just like any other. I didn’t have to wonder anymore – Groningen was kinda blah.

Since it was a provincial capital and a university city, and I hadn’t really seen a Dutch city that was a disappointment – except maybe Rotterdam – my hopes were a little high that the long drive would be worth it. If the highlight of a city though is how big their toasted sandwiches are, it doesn’t say much – or maybe it says volumes. In any case, curiosity satisfied, capital city checked, thanks and so long, Groningen. It’s been interesting. Not really.

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