LOTTI’S | Amsterdam

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A curiosity satisfied with a Nutjob daiquiri.

The Hoxton Hotel was in my radar for months until tonight when I finally got the chance to find out what I was missing. As hotels go, it was in a respectable location on Prinsengracht close enough to Dam Square, though a bit hard to find – hotel signs tend to play Hide and Seek in these parts. When I walked through the door, it looked somewhat dull and worn out, a striking difference from their crisp photos in the hotel website. In any case I found myself a quiet corner to wait for a friend and made myself comfortable for the next couple of hours. The daiquiri was nicely balanced if not fittingly named, and the cheese and charcuterie plate proved to be too much for one person. After moving onto another, less crowded space upstairs and ordering another oddly named drink, a minty Aloe There, it wasn’t long after that circumstances decided I take my leave. The night was over for me but the cocktails did their magic and The Hoxton looked a little more attractive as a result. I may just go back for seconds.

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