Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’d like to think my nearly eight years in Holland has made me immune to certain things but today was extra challenging. I woke up expecting an early start to the day because my partner said it would be busy – we planned on going to Lage Vuursche to have brunch and hopefully make this Second Easter a bit more interesting than yesterday when I did nothing at all the entire day except watch Disney movies. After a half-hour drive through intermittent rain, sun, and clouds, we reached a very quiet town that hadn’t woken up yet. It turned out most places were closed so we settled for a Dutch pancake house that seemed like the only place open. It was a cozy affair and we settled into a quiet corner far from the others. Sadly they didn’t have anything on offer except for drinks and dessert so I opted for some cappuccino and butter cake – functional but nothing special.


Not 20 minutes later we were out of there and walked a bit around the small town, feeling a bit envious at the houses and estates lined up one after another, until my partner famously asked if we should just go home. Surrendering to the thought that there was no point to staying, life-deflating weather considering, after another 30 minutes of driving we were home as if nothing happened.

I guess I’m not as immune to these things as I would like to be.


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