K & B | Rotterdam

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

We went back to the Kralingen neighborhood in Rotterdam earlier today to visit my partner’s mother in her temporary convalescent home. She was a lot more spirited and spritely than our last meeting and while the home itself looks fine and respectable on the outside, after seeing the quality of life the people inside were ‘living’, it was absolutely deflating that I hope she’ll be out of there soon. The area around the home in the meantime was definitely above working class – it was common to see joggers, baby strollers, and the like wandering around. There’s even a large decent fitness gym close by. Right smack as well in front of the home was K & B and basing on the sign alone, it was promising in an upmarket gastropub kind of way. After our quick visit to the home, it was almost a given where we would have a nice lunch afterwards – if only to resurrect my positive outlook in life.


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