BRASSERIE DENK | Santpoort-Noord

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was, and I had, a beautiful day today.

Unlike yesterday when I barely did anything in the outside world, I made the most of this gorgeous Sunday by pushing my partner to go out and live life while we can. There was the beach, or a visit to some small town somewhere, but we ultimately decided to go the Downton Abbey way and back to the place where we had our anniversary dinner last year. The Duin & Kruidberg was being renovated in some parts but the allure was still there, and the sun shining bright and at the right angle gave it an even better glow. That and with the trees starting to bud all around and crocuses coming up from nowhere, the weekend was teasing us with the onset of spring. It was a languorous, lazy, quiet, sunny, beautiful day that I wish wouldn’t end.


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