That Mystic Smile

I’m back in the city of lights and it’s cloudy as Amsterdam.

Despite a two-hour train delay and five hours without Internet – thanks a million Thalys – arriving on the first Sunday of the month does have its benefit. After dropping off our bags, we were soon on our way to get a bit of Louvre with, what I expected, the rest of the city. Luckily, I found out in the nick of time that the key to an enjoyable visit to one of the most famous museums in the world is to get there an hour before closing. With only one thing on my to-see list, I beelined it to the Italian masters room straight to the woman with the mystic smile. After some quick shots for posterity and nostalgia, and ogling at the people ogling at a semi-dark masterpiece of humanity, we were out of there to see the rest of this crazy crowded, dirty beautiful town called Paris.

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