Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cannibale Royale was thankfully in the lunch menu last week.

My guests and I finished off Friday morning at the Rijksmuseum and I found myself in a bit of a pickle trying to find a lunch place in the area that was impressively local and something I could confidently recommend. Luckily, one of the places I’ve come to rely on for a satisfying meal turned out to be less than ten minutes’ walk away – and with the weather partially cooperating, meaning it wasn’t raining, it was a pleasant enough walk through some unknown parts of the city. The lunch menu turned out to be on the limited side but the Classic burger was great and the double order of fries guilt-inducing nonetheless. The revelation that ladies of the night also have to make a living during the day, a surprise if there ever was one, was a another reminder of what makes this city truly interesting and a nice, touristy way to cap off a successful meal.

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