SEATTLE SITES | Seattle’s Best Attractions

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I may have only scratched the surface with my weeklong Seattle trip but I at least got to see, eat, and shop my way through some of the best parts of the Emerald City. It was a pleasant enough city that reminded me of parts of Washington DC, San Francisco, and even Switzerland, put together. I’ll especially remember the Disney-esque bus driver who greeted each and everyone who got on his bus with a cheery hello and gave a commentary on the different stops on his route, the politeness of people who stand 10 feet away from the bus entrance while waiting for other people to leave and then each other before getting on, the great food scene that offered American-level variety and challenged my decision-making processes, and the many, many (and I mean many) homeless people that gave me perspective and made me realize how lucky I am in life. Thanks, Seattle – hope to see you again soon!



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