ALKI BEACH | Seattle

It took two bus rides and a long walk through suburban West Seattle before we finally made it to our destination this cold Sunday morning.

I’d asked my longtime friend, Sam – someone I’d known since my college days and who coincidentally settled in this city several months ago – what we could do to start the day today, and he suggested a trip to Alki beach to watch the sun rise. We left at half past six but given the weekend bus schedule and the lack of a ferry service, we still missed it by this much. The view from this sleepy side of Seattle was nice though, crystal clear waters against the stoney coastline, nice houses hugging the surrounding hills, and the dog-loving granola locals – I have never seen so much North Face clothing in my life – being as granola as it gets. Thankfully I didn’t see any lumbersexuals, men with salon-trimmed beards, nor anyone from the wheatgrass-chugging crowd. Those hipsters always ruin the neighborhood for everyone.


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