BRUNCH | Café Campagne

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After a languorous walk through West Seattle, I couldn’t wait through another 90 minute commute back via public transport and opted instead for an Uber ride – my very first – back to downtown. In no time, we got dropped off at Pike Place and began our search for a decent brunch, but not before making one last pass through the market. It was modest in size and I have to admit had lots of character going for it – having starred in so many movies, that’s the Hollywood effect for you. I would have liked to spend more time at the stalls and restaurants but we were pressed for time and in urgent need of a morning cocktail and after a lengthy search we ended up in Post Alley’s Cafe Campagne for some French-American brunch fare. It certainly looked the part and if not for the American wait staff, I could have easily thought I was back in Paris. It was close but not quite.


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