Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

It’s usually a good sign when on the day we are checking out that I don’t feel the urge to hurry. Instead we took our sweet time this morning, with even a few spare hours to make one last attempt to see more of Vienna. We hadn’t covered the museum district so off we went but had to limit ourselves to one or two options, leaving the others for another fortunate time. I let my partner pick and we ended up at the Imperial Treasury where I got to see a crown or two. With all the gold, emeralds, and other trinkets on their heads, it’s a wonder to me that none of these emperors ever had neck problems. It’s either they do and it isn’t written up anywhere or all that inbreeding has an unusual benefit. It took us less than an hour to see the priceless exhibit covering over 400 years of Hapsburg empire, thankfully so since it gave us time for one last imperial hurrah of our own as we left in time for the brunch to end all brunches. We did try to see the Spanish riding school afterwards but alas there was no such luck – like some sort of consolation prize though we did get to see the horses peeking out of their stables nearby. Yet another reason to come back I guess.


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