Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
The most famous Austrian empress, Elizabeth, more famously known now as Sisi, spent her summers in this sprawling estate called Schonbrunn. It’s just outside of Vienna, so close it’s only about six subway stops from the center, the convenience of which already puts it a step above Versailles, from an imperial residence point of view its closest competition. When we went there this morning, not only was there the impressive palace itself and the huge gardens, there also happened to be a full-fledged zoo, with rare pandas at that, as well as two imperial greenhouses, one arid one tropical. Beautiful Sisi had it really good back then, better than Marie Antoinette who ended up losing her head after a revolution. She did though get fatally stabbed in the heart by an Italian anarchist when she was in her 60s. Don’t know how she’d react to all of us proletariat and nouveau riche masses now trampling around her play ground. 

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