One of my partner’s few requests on our trip was for us to rent a car and drive to parts outside of Vienna. I initially thought it was a good idea but as time went I started to think it wasn’t so practical to do so many things in the few days we were here. The only worthwhile destination I could come up with was at least a three-hour drive away, which all but put a kibosh on that idea. Ever insistent, we went with the plan anyway, and despite a harrowing start – embrassingly we couldn’t even start the car(!) and it took a tension-filled while, which felt like forever, to get a handle on how to use the oh so sensitive braking system – we got to drive a beautiful piece of German engineering. Since we were thinking as well of upgrading our current Ford Fiesta, it proved to be the perfect opportunity to test drive one if the brands on our list. Conclusion: looks aren’t good enough — the long and winding search continues.



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