Rating: 4 out of 5.

As I sit here in our hotel room I’m suddenly reminded of that Billy Joel song that I posted years ago. March of 2013 I waxed dreamily about Vienna and how I would make it here someday. I was a little maudlin about the fact that I couldn’t afford it back then but optimistic that the idea was possible and the reality in my future. Two years and nine months later, the time finally arrived. Vienna’s been interesting so far, we couldn’t help but make comparisons with Budapest (in terms of the hotel), Prague (for the architecture and overall feel), and Amsterdam (for the prices). Budapest’s was (far) better, Prague was cozier, and Amsterdam is only slightly – stress on the slightly – more expensive. While there isn’t a Four Seasons in the city, we did skip the 25Hours Hotel, maybe on another trip – and stayed at a Four Seasons sister property instead. Life is short after all so best to make up for lost time. It is the Yuletide season after all.


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