Rating: 3 out of 5.

One of the best things about working for an international company – having colleagues from all over. The venue of our first meal in Vienna came courtesy of someone who just happened to be a local, and not only did the restaurant come highly recommended, it was less than 10 minutes’ walk from our hotel. Now how coincidental is that.
Considering it was a weekday, the thought that we could breeze in and get our choice of seating didn’t really happen as the place was packed during lunch, and we had no choice but to sit in the middle of the room within hearing distance of the chattering masses. My partner who was in a consistently prickly mood that morning (and painfully all afternoon) was pretty much irritated by everything – from the waitress ‘throwing’ the menus on our table, to the weirdly uneven English translation of the German menu (since he can read German I couldn’t really get his beef with the menu). When I quickly decided on the Wiener schnitzel, after thoroughly examining the menu he eventually resigned himself to the same, seemingly exasperated by the whole exercise. He asked why I ordered the Riesling, which he said it was like ordering a Heineken in Belgium. Despite the thought of an interminable meal, I bit my tongue so as not to make the situation worse. Strangely for someone who is constantly reminding me to be happy, he was certainly not making it easy.
Thankfully the food came quickly, and after a few bites, it looked like all the hype was worth it. We both quickly finished our rather large servings and except for a important-looking gentleman with little sense of proper sanitation sneezing in our direction from the next table, the meal turned out to be quite satisfying. Even the sourpussed waitress that handed us our menus turned a corner, chatted us up and greeted us a merry Christmas before we left. Glad to report that all’s well that ends well at the Gmoa Keller.


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