This Devil Wears Prada

Who would have thought that an ordinary Sunday would turn out like this.
Having gone to bed absurdly early on a Saturday, I woke up from a long night’s sleep with nothing planned on the horizon. Not an hour later, we were on a road trip to Roermond’s outlet store in Limburg, close to the German border, and a few hours later were inside the only Prada outlet store in the Netherlands. I went in there really just to look and would have been happy to leave empty-handed but as fate was kind that day, Santa Teko came to the rescue. After years of loosely carrying around my bankcards, IDs, and such, and even more years of wondering if I can ever afford to get myself a pair of shoes that are akin more to art, I walked out of the store with a snow-white shopping bag filled with Christmas goodies, and a feeling of sheepish over-indulgence.

Thank you, schatje! Some days really are better than others.


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